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Juliet Club: 'I help answer the world's love letters

Martin Hopley knows all about being heartbroken - and he thinks about it most days.
The 41-year-old spends hours of his time writing words of comfort and advice to love-struck people from across the globe.
Sometimes he gives them a push out of the door to ask their loved one to marry them. Other times he reminds them that they must learn to love themselves before they can find happiness with anyone else.
"It's my job to help people remember to open their eyes as well as their hearts, to follow love but not into a hole of doom," he says.
For the last few years Martin has been one of dozens of volunteers for the Juliet Club, a non-profit organisation based in a small storage room tucked under an archway in a quiet courtyard in the backstreets of Verona, Italy.
The club's office is a short stroll from Casa di Giuiletta, or Juliet's house, where throngs of tourists flock every year to snap selfies and pay homage to Shakespeare's iconic and ill-fated heroine, Juliet Capulet.

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