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Born in Botswana and raised in Zambia, Sampa The Great is one of Australia’s rising hip-hop stars.

Innovations in hip-hop often don’t happen when there are new stories to tell, but rather when those who have gone unseen are finally heard. This distinction allows for a spectrum of emotions from braggadocio, triumph, a tenderness for the familiar and a reckoning with displacement. That’s the thesis of Sampa The Great’s debut album, The Return. 
Sampa Tembo, the 26-year-old rapper originally from Zambia, has taken her once conflicting identities and attempted to reconcile them. “It's about spiritually going home to yourself, to the most you, you've ever been,” she says over the phone from Melbourne, her home since 2018, where the sun is beginning to shine after a characteristically cool winter. 
Sampa has carved out a position for herself in Australian music, winning the Australian Music Prize for Best Album of 2017, and a cash award of A$30,000 for her second mixtape, Birds and the BEE9. Signing to the UK imprint Ninja Tunes and the widespread acclaim for The Returnhas seen Sampa step up to take on the rest of the world. 

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